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We are open to all candidates of any nationality who have the skills our clients require. From top talent in FDI firms in Ireland that do not want to have to move abroad just to advance their careers to the one in six Irish-born people now living abroad. We believe no other organisation has such a compelling story to engage diaspora talent. Celtic Turtle® operates on a research based invite only basis for candidates we want to directly connect with the leadership of only the very best indigenous Irish firms. Unlike any other Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation Licensed Recruitment Company in the challenge for skills in Ireland, we only do arrivals and not departures. For all candidates we enable you to start the hiring process at the top by seeing and hearing the leader of the company talk about their business, a chemistry test through access to unique content not in the public domain. For those we move back / to Ireland we on-board talent through housing, travel, tax etc. based on our personal experience of handling all related challenges in moving to Ireland. We assist candidates to see the complete value of a life here in Ireland before they get on a plane.

Who we work for - Our Clients

If you are an Indigenous Irish Company in any sector or market that is interested in benchmarking your current hiring against an ability to see and hear a complete shortlist of all options at one timel, (get in touch) 100% of our service comes to you, works in harmony with any existing in-house or external talent strategy and is guaranteed to be a completely unique additional option. 


"Two way video interview and selection allowed our leadership to see candidates in the locality and those willing to relocate at the same time. An efficient use of our C Team's time in gaining multiple appointable hires"

Michael Director GPX Ireland

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