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Talent returning to China (Sea Turtles or ‘Haigui’) created the indigenous Baidu, & Alibaba that have eclipsed the FDI Google, and Amazon in China. Here's what we think and how to do the same in Ireland.

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Dear Iowa, ‘The Donald’ vs The Syrian Immigrant

Mohed Altrad employs 17,000 people, Donald Trump employs around 24,000. The French immigrant born in the Syrian desert as a Bedouin has overcome much on his journey to success. His mother died on the day he was born; this was only the beginning of an exceptionally challenging start to life. As the current World Entrepreneur of the Year, he beat 52 national award winners. Other World Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014 country winners were from China (HK) and Israel and were all immigrants, like Mohed, representing his adopted country of France.
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Daithi and Goliath

I am grateful for the hospitality of Queens University at the start of February. The main speaker at the All Island Innovation Programme at Queens was Professor Julian Birkinshaw from the London School of Economics. My bad summary of his very good advice is, agility not scale is the future of success in business. If we are leaving the ‘Information Age’ and moving into the ‘Agile Age’ the ability for an organisation to act will be paramount above the need to analyse endless amounts of data. If the Goliath in your target market is undergoing ‘paralysis by analysis’ are you ready to be David?
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Video: A land of Saints and Scholars

Moving talent internationally is often about moving a family. Therefore, education is always a crucial issue. There are seven national schools in Kerry with 100% pass rate into 3rd level education. The OECD league chart places Ireland 4th for literacy, 13 places higher than the USA. Many parts of London have a school catchment area of 300m from the school gate.
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You are more attractive than you might think you are

Advertisers have convinced you that you must invest in your hiring brand, recruiters want to represent you when convincing talent to choose you. We can show you how hearing and seeing the hiring story direct from the author, converts proactive approach into a candidate in your hiring process.
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Are you open to Inward Talent?

Les Kiss, a former Australian Kangaroos rugby league winger coaches an Irish Rugby Union team that blew their larger competitors away. Bringing inward talent into your Irish team could be part of doing the same.
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