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Ireland has 1 in 6 of its citizens living outside of its borders, it has an even larger diaspora all over the world. In 2017 many people who have never thought about moving to Ireland now see it as a safe and tolerant place to live. There are also many talented employees in Ireland already working in FDI companies that cannot be hired through more brand attraction. For our indigenous Irish clients, we can put all these separate areas of talent into one shortlist that can be seen and heard, anytime and on any device.

Celtic Turtle®

The leader of your company communicates directly with employees, shareholders, clients and major suppliers. Their only direct involvement in hiring is often at the very end of a process with a small number of candidates. The Irish Stock Exchange readiness for IPO programme requires an “Equity Story” for investors.

Experienced talent is more impacted by seeing and hearing the hiring message from the author than any consideration of brand. For our clients, we deploy their story without any delegation or dilution. Our capability to enable our clients to compete against their FDI rivals for top talent is proven. If the future of business is agility not scale, we are backing David and happy to help you go after Goliath.


Our recruitment process (eSearch™) is 100% unique to Celtic Turtle®. It allows top talent invited into each project to see through compelling media, virtualisation and video recruitment every aspect of a client’s culture, story, leadership + local housing, schools et. al. Enabling top talent to communicate face to face with your leadership team in a discrete access controlled portal allows us to bring technology into head hunting and approach talent anywhere in the world. Working across all industries and competencies allowing, we allow clients to review the best of talent in their location, as well as those willing to come back / to their base.

Our artists in Ireland in animation, voice over, film making, virtualisation and photography in our regional content supplier teams, create content that has to be seen as art that actually moves people.

Ireland - did you know?

  • George Washington University found Ireland the most conducive place to live in the world as a Muslim.
  • USA has made more direct investment in Ireland than in Brazil, Russia, India and China combined.
  • The latest PISA OECD league chart places Ireland 4th for literacy, 13 places higher than the USA.
  • Per capita, the total crime rate is 50% lower than the USA
  • The average cost of living is 28% lower than the UK and 26% lower than Australia.
  • Ireland has 29% more teachers per capita than Australia.
  • Condé Nast Travel Magazine place only 4 European cities in the top 20 friendliest in the world, three are Kilkenny, Dublin and Cork.
  • In 1993 it was illegal to be homosexual in Ireland. In 2015, Ireland was the first country in the world to have equality of marriage from a mandate from its citizens.
  • "Ireland’s immigrant population in 2017 is larger per capita than Germany, France, UK or even the USA, but Ireland still has never had an anti-immigration politician elected to office."
    - Kevin Whelan, Michael Smurfit Director of the Keogh - Notre Dame Centre in Dublin.

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