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In our careers in international search before co-founding Celtic Turtle, we have solved some of the most difficult hiring problems that exist. From a FTSE 100 client’s need to hire a business development lead to sell services to MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, to teams to turn around delisted public companies, competency experts transforming a health service larger than the entire Irish workforce, to an operational lead for India’s first Tier 4 uptime institute accredited data centre. More often than you would think, these talents at the very top of their field all over the world have been Irish. The top IT operations executive in India is from Malahide, the youngest ever chief executive in the NHS is from Tullamore. 

Our own experience of being founded by a Sligo native living in London and a London born Irish Citizen living in Dublin, enables us to consult and advise people based on the experiences we have personally undertaken. All are welcome and we will pursue the best talent for each client, regardless of location, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

Seán Fay - Consultant - Dublin

With 20 years’ international experience, he co-founded Celtic Turtle®, moving from London to run the Dublin office. He is the former head of technology recruitment at Vodafone UK, ITV et al. He has both client and delivery side experience. Previously having line management recruitment responsibility for teams of up to 45 people in 2002...
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Kieren Hopper - Consultant - London

For McKinsey & Co, Jaguar-Land Rover, BP, Deloitte and similar organisations, he has successfully completed many search mandates. In addition to an international reputation for building leadership teams in corporate clients, he also has become a ‘go to’ person for partners in leading consulting firms. PwC UK’s most senior external hire ever was made through Kieren...
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“Showing is more powerful than telling” Seán Fay @ launch of #Hometowork in Dingle

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