Kieren Hopper – Consultant – London

Kieren HopperKieren is keen to utilise his experience to assist indigenous firms to attract inward talent to Ireland, demonstrating that a growing number of the best career options in life science, manufacturing and clean tech are in Indigenous not FDI companies.

In his 15 years of Executive Search experience for both consultancy and industry clients, he has delivered on mandates for a variety of healthcare, pharmaceutical and wider manufacturing searches on four continents. Kieren holds a degree in molecular and cellular biology and prior to his search career, worked for both a leading global pharmaceutical company and a global clinical research organisation where he led and managed numerous clinical research projects.

A Sligo man by origin, Kieren is a former professional motorbike racer and therefore will always set off the metal detector in any airport he travels through. In addition to Co-Founding Amica Partners with Seán, he is also the co-founder of Celtic Turtle® and runs the London office. In addition to his qualification in Biology, he also has an MBA from the University of Canterbury. 

Avg. Rent London Vs Dublin + 70%, salary only +7%, 
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