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Celtic Turtle® uses world class research, custom video and advanced analytics to create a hiring platform unique to each person we contact, engaging critical talent worldwide with a successful interaction rate of over 90%.

eSearch™ uses the power of 'Social Listening' to research, aggregate and analyse all infiormation available so as to validate research based leads on hiring and personalize at a level of 1:1. Allowing each candidate to hear and see the hiring story direct from the author as well as your culture, local schools, houses Our consultants all combine decades of global search based recruitment with an analytics based understanding of each potential hire's response to our clients. We take pride in enabling talent anywhere to be seen and heard by Ireland's best companies in their own words.


Founded by Seán Fay and Kieren Hopper, we are passionate about winning for every client in the global ‘War for Talent’, Celtic Turtle® only does arrivals and not departures
Seán Fay
Consultant - Dublin
With 20 years’ international experience ...
Kieren Hopper
Consultant - London
For McKinsey & Co, Jaguar-Land Rover, BP ...

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